for Land Rover Defender 110 & 90

We proudly present the official do-it-yourself poptop kit for your Defender!

Using world renowned German craftsmanship, The Overlandies Poptop is designed and hand welded in Germany from 3 mm thick high quality aluminium. It converts your Defender into an expedition vehicle with enough space to enjoy your adventures! The construction consists of 2 frames, one upper and one lower frame, connected with a highly durable aluminium hinge! Installing the poptop is very simple! The lower frame gets screwed onto the body of your Defender, while the original roof-shell gets bolted onto the upper frame! 

With our poptop, there is no more need to shorten the original roof-shell while still having an angled front aligned with the windscreen! The best part is, the whole installation is completely reversible and your car can be converted into its original condition at any time! 

The waterproofbreathable and highly durable tent comes with 3 spacious openings with mosquito nets  to give you the best view when you are sleeping under the stars! The side windows open downward, so you can also open them slightly during rain to get enough ventilation! Unlike with rooftents, our tent does not flutter in the wind. It is handcrafted by our tailor in northern Germany. The material comes from the yacht sector and is sewn with hightech yarn on modern machines to guarantee a high quality. The color of the tent and yarn can be chosen individually for your Defender!   

Thanks to two gas struts, our poptop can be opened within a few seconds! The strength of the gas-struts is calculated and chosen depending on your personal roofweight! It is necessary to use correctly calculated struts to aid in longevity, ensure easy opening and a comfortable closing of your The Overlandies poptop

The inner width for the lying surface measures 133 cm. The possible bedlength is 220 cm.

Equipped with L-shaped aluminium profiles along the inside of the bottom frame, a convenient support surface for the bed construction is provided. As there are many different preferences on bed constructions we do not supply a bed frame. We can provide details and solutions on how other customers have created theirs. 

The Overlandies poptop adds up to 14 cm to the height of your vehicle and weights 45 kg.


 The Overlandies poptop

  • aluminium poptop frame (upper and lower frame)
  • heavy duty aluminium hinge
  • two gas-struts (adjusted to your personal roof weight)
  • high quality tent with three windows, made from UV-resistant and waterproof persenning 
  • dual gasket system with aluminium profiles and EPDM gaskets
  • piping rail and aluminium profiles to attach the tent to the frames
  • rear door sealing retaining-plate
  • clear UV-resistant macrolon glass for the panoramic window above the rear door
  • stainless steel alignment pins for the upper frame (necessary especially whilst offroad-driving)
  • 3.0 mm strong aluminium L-profiles for your bedconstruction
  • 3 tensioning straps to secure the roof when closed and to fix the tent
  • 6 stainless steel fastening brackets for the tensioning straps 
  • a detailed list with all the assembly materials needed
  • a detailed manual with all assembly instructions
Total price:          4099,00 € (including 16% VAT)

Of course we support you with questions during the installation and are always available for you via phone or email. We would be happy to assist you from afar during assembly and share our experience and help with advices. Doing so, you become part of The Overlandies poptop community and contribute in constantly optimizing our product for you and the community. Thank you!



If you like some more information or a quote, please contact us via email at or via our Instagram!

You can also check the FAQ at the bottom of this page! Thank you!

The Overlandies


The current delivery time is 2-10 weeks, depending on our order situation and our suppliers. Deliveries to non European countries take longer, please contact us for more details depending on your countries delivery time. 

Usually you receive our The Overlandies poptop within 3 weeks. Every frame and every tent is being custom made for each customer. The quality of our product is our top priority, all components are manufactured with high precision and get checked thoroughly before being delivered. We hope for your understanding that we can therefore not precisely state a delivery time

In the scope of supply everything is included, except the fixing material like bolts, rivet-nuts and rivets. You get a list with all the necessary fixing material after the purchasing process is completed. So you can buy all the material before our set is being delivered to you.

Additionally to your basic tools (wrenches, keys etc.) you need:

  • rivet gun
  • threadcutter M6
  • silicone remover/degreaser
  • punch-marker
  • drilling-machine and battery drill
  • metal-drill set up to 13 mm
  • wrench and spanner set
  • metal file
  • cutter-knife
  • folding ruler
  • permanent marker
  • caulking gun
  • Sikaflex 521 UV resistant silicone
  • screwdriver set

Our frame comes unpainted in bare aluminium

We use a high quality persenning material from the yacht-sector. The German manufacturer of our persenning has decades of experience and therefore guarantees a consistent high quality due to permanent quality controls.

Benefits of our persenning:

  • waterproof and very breathable material
  • immune against rust-stains, rottening and insect damage
  • high protection against UV-rays 
  • bactericidal and fungicidal, mold is being avoided
  • dirt-, grease- and oil-repellent, easy to clean
  • saltwater resistant
  • excellent dimensional stability, high tear strength and very high longevity 


The tailor of our trust is situated in northern Germany and manufactures each tent by hand. With modern machines and professional knowledge he creates our tents which are unique in shape and design. 


Our DIY-kit allows each customer to purchase an affordable poptop with a high quality. Due to the personal contribution, the owner saves a lot of money which would normally come up with buying a poptop.

More benefits:

  • frame, hinge and tent are manufactured with high precision in Germany
  • the original roof-shell stays intact and is not being shortened or damaged
  • extremely stable and torsion resistant frame construction, made from high quality aluminium
  • gas-struts are being calculated individually, depending on your roof-weight. Any roofrack is possible.
  • tent is being manufactured in a high quality with three big windows and robust mosquito nets
  • tentmaterial is waterproof and yet very breathable
  • the persenning does nut flutter and is nearly noiseless standing in the wind

We know of experience, that people have different tastes and needs in the kind of bed construction. Therefore we have decided to not include a bed construction. Our premium-set does include L-shaped aluminium profiles that equip your The Overlandies poptop for your personal bed construction. With these, your frame is prepared for every kind of bed. Foldable lying surface, two part bed construction or a slat frame. Everything is possible. Of course we can give you advises on how to construct your sleeping area and can summarize the advantages of all the different versions. Just contact us and together we will find a solution.

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